Meet the Founder

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Amanda Rochelle

Founder & CEO

Amanda Rochelle consults and provides creative social media and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, organizations and creatives ­ having over fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketing professional, performing artist and event promoter.

Amanda is certified in Integrated Marketing and Google AdWords with a background in marketing management and journalism and is also one of the most searched social media specialists on LinkedIn. Social Marketing by Amanda’s (SMBA) workshop mission is to empower creatives and entrepreneurs by providing education in an easy to understand format with applicable resources.

My Story

My first encounter with business was in the 4th grade selling supplies in the school's bookstore. I began to understand the simple equation of supply and demand. At 23, I started my first entrepreneur endeavor with a friend and later went on to build 4 businesses ranging from apparel, event promotion, marketing and social media services. Today, I still enjoy assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses.

Claim Your Power

Amanda Rochelle believes everyone is born with an innate gift of some kind. A gift that comes naturally and can be used for survival and to make a living. So gifts have to cultivated and others have to be discovered. As a business coach Amanda Rochelle helps companies and those aspiring to start their own business to hone in on these gifts, package it and share it across marketing platforms.  Everyone has a gift to make a living.

Next Steps...

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