Case Studies


Peacock Lounge

Services: Social Media Marketing & Management, Event Production & Promotion, E-Mail Marketing, Graphic Design

Challenge: The venue lies in the historically renowned Haight district of San Francisco; which is a prime location with heavy evening foot traffic. The challenge was to get locals and passers to purchase from the club when there were not events and purchase tickets when there were. The manager was looking to revive a social scene and needed to create a signature event to bring in foot traffic as well as spark a social media following. The venue had little social media traffic and no engagement.

About: The Peacock Lounge originated in 1960 and was known as a lodge where events and private meetings were held.

Goal: Raise awareness to attract new customers, rebrand as an entertainment venue and create a social media following that would lead to bookings and increased revenue.

The Solution: 

  • Used social media to create engagement and event invites
  • Created a happy hour that brought in additional day foot traffic
  • Used alternative online platforms to gain trust and credibility
  • Created a signature monthly event "Third Thursdays" with local artists
  • Created First Friday music series with industry recording artists
  •  Used paid advertising and local press to grow reach
  • Designed show posters for  all Third Thursdays  & First Friday events
  •  Utilized email marketing platform for online ticketing and to raise event awareness


  • Increased private event bookings by 50%
  • Increased venue attendance by 75%
  • All shows sold out for First Fridays - (180 capacity)
  • Third Thursdays had an 80% consistent attendance rate
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Paintings Made by Me

Services: Content Curation, Social Media Marketing, Event Promotion, E-Mail Marketing, Coaching, Membership Branding, Graphic Design

Challenge: Paintings Made by Me had fallen into the pitfall that service-based businesses do. By offering a specialty service; many of their high-value customers had already attended classes and returned only for one-time events such as birthday parties, reunions or quarterly family events resulting in a decrease in memberships.

About: Paintings Made by me is an instructor-led painting workshop in Michigan that caters to new and experienced painters. The business was started by two childhood friends and a relative who taught the classes at local restaurants and bars in Michigan. As their popularity grew, with a couple of years they were able to move into a brick and mortar space in Livonia, MI where they were able to have a consistent schedule of weekday and Saturday classes as well as expand their offerings to bachelorette parties and offer mobile services to schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

Goal: To attract new and returning customers to their business as well as introduce a new service to scale their business to create retention and growth.

The Solution: I wanted to show potential customers what it was like to experience a Paintings Made By Me session as well as the value. This was relayed through using media such as video, high-quality photos, curated content for their website and testimonials. Social Marketing by Amanda worked in conjunction with Paintings Made by Me to provide the following:

  • Increased presence and engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Measured analytics
  • Incorporated social media advertising
  • Develop curated content
  • Coached on overview of analytics, the basic process of social media advertising, creating content, measuring engagement and email marketing platforms
  • Increased storytelling & educational value through social media
  • Incorporated social media monitoring/automation
  • Executed social media strategy 
  • Incorporated email marketing for lead generation
  • Created E-newsletter and e-blasts for special promotions or events
  • Revamped membership structure; Incorporate membership incentives
  • Create content and developed new Social Club member program

*Increased followers on Facebook Business page by 100%
*Paintings Made by Me had a successful launch of their new Social Club in Fall 2017
*Had an e-newsletter open rate of 24%; which is industry standard


Paintings Made By Me Social Club had a successful launch in Fall 2017. Adding this service has helped scale their business to not only an arts venue but a community of wellness and fitness among its members.