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As a marketing professional and business owner, I have taken an active role in shaping the future of small businesses and under-served communities by providing marketing and communication training and services. Entrepreneurship, financial-literacy and soft-skill development has empowered these communities to control their destiny. 

I currently run a series of workshops around these topics with business incubators and organizations devoted to equipping entrepreneurs with tools to compete in a fast-paced global environment. More important than what I do or how I do it is why I do it. I am motivated by contributing my expertise to organizations with the capacity to make a significant impact in the communities it serves, while turning challenges into opportunities for myself and others

Although I’ve accomplished a lot in my career, one of my most significant achievement was establishing the social media presence for the Detroit Science Center over ten years ago. 

It demonstrated my natural ability to execute marketing tasks with a consistently high level of quality, while giving me the data needed to demonstrate the cost efficiency of social media marketing compared to traditional marketing. It also provided me with the opportunity to reach a captive audience of hundreds of thousands of potential customers, and helped me assist clients in promoting products, programs and fundraisers impossible to achieve using conventional marketing tactics. 

I attribute much of my success to my resourcefulness, which allows me maximize budgets and the effort of employees. I look forward to duplicating this success with educational institutions, centers for social change, non-profits and businesses with a demonstrated commitment to social responsibility. 

When I’m not working, I’m either trying new restaurants, traveling, writing, watching documentaries, connecting with loved ones, or engaging in outdoor activities. If my purpose or profile speaks to you, let's talk.

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 Amanda is certified in Integrated Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords with a background in marketing management and journalism and is also one of the most searched social media specialists on LinkedIn. 

Amanda consults and provides creative social media and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, organizations and creatives having a combined total of over fifteen years experience as an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and event promoter.

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