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Social Marketing by Amanda is the digital marketing service of choice for creatives, small to medium businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurs. Create campaigns, grow your following, lead with organic engagement, and strengthen your brand all in one place.


Create traffic with paid ads

 Creative campaigns and call to actions that capture quality leads and convert followers into paying clients.


Grow your brand organically

 With quality content curated for your brand, easily capture the attention organically of followers and convert them into customers with no paid ads. A well-told story crafted for your company's brand can sell an audience more effectively than a  direct pitch.


Make your pictures pop with graphics

 Social photos with a cool, sleek design make your brand pop and create more opens, clicks, and up to 87% more engagement on posts. Graphics can also be used for easily approved social media ads.


Generate leads with targeted promotions

Targeted promotions such as landing pages and one-page sites focus on the sole intent of attracting visitors and creating direct communication to increase higher engagement,  clicks, and conversion.


Learn successful marketing strategies

 Build your  marketing and social media skills with educational and coaching services via online, in person or by request to your location.


Trusted by entrepreneurs and creatives across the U.S.

Dearborn Career Academy
Jazz Heritage Center
Atlanta Bike Expo
Stephen Bruce profile


"Hired as my Social Media Consultant; Amanda has raised my social media presence and has drastically improved my email marketing strategies. I highly recommend her."
- Stephen Bruce, Fine Artist, Featured in The Social Network, Iron Man 3, Horrible Bosses, The Avengers, and over 20 network TV shows

Janice Lee

San Francisco

"A master of social media, Amanda uses her journalism and marketing skills to create compelling and
engaging messages to promote events and build community. Clients benefit from her dedication and vision."

- Janice Lee, Former Development & Communications Director, Urban Solutions

James Kenyon


"Amanda's knowledge of and passion for social media were on full display at her workshop that I attended in Detroit. She is patient and friendly. I left the workshop with new information that I was able to use the next day. The workshop was time well spent."
 - James Kenyon, Director of Marketing at Visiting Angels Detroit

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